In 2010.....

Hey guys, how are you ? I hope you guys in good condition. So, how was your day ? Everything's okay ? Huhu, okay let's start blogging :D

Tomorrow is the last day for 2010. Many good and bad things that happened to me in 2010 and lot of things I have learned. I'm more matured and I already know how to make decisions, and determine which one good and bad. I've gone through many trials and challenges that were given by Him. I went through it with patience. Because, patience is half of faith. So, I need to be patient with all the tests given. Come on,every problems must have a solution kan. So, no need to worried. God is always on our side, you just need to pray.

Sure, 2010 wasn't the greatest year for me. There were heartbreaks. There were smiles. Memories were created, some I will never forget. I smiled, I cried. I have grown. I have become smarter. I have learned from my mistakes. I hurt myself. I cried because of the truth. I laughed. I loved. Whatever I did in 2010, it has already happened. I have learned this year, and make 2011 better than 2010.

I will miss the memories that happened to me this year. I will never forget what happened to me. 2010 was a very sad year for me. I was heartbroken, I failed in love, I played by men, I'm already tired want to go through all this. But, I have good friends willing to be a good listener, which gives me much encouragement and support to continue with my life. Without them all, I'm lost. They are very good, they are friends who like to help a friend who is having problems. I'm happy to be with them. I love you guys so much. :')

List of good friends and a good listener. Let's start with Engku Farhah Shahirah. She's the best friend I ever had. She's beautiful. She's always there when I need her. Even though she moving to another school but we still contact, we still hang out together. I miss her so much. Babe, thanks for every single things. You always there for me. You're such a good listener. Take care boo. I love you so much :*

Next, Raja Nur Amalina. You're such a good friend. You are very meant to me. You always there for me. Troubles, laughter, sadness, all of us have gone through together. I love you babe, thanks for being my friend :)

Next, Shahrul Syazwan. He's a good man, sometimes he's stressed, angry, love to fly. But I can stand he's behavior. He and I had a similar problems. That is love. We changed ideas and advised each other. Thanks for everything. I love you man. :)

Syafiqah Amirah, She's friends with me since primary school, she's very funny.
She's can make me happy even though I was sad. She's totally great. We're always rumors, gossiping, cursing people, abuse people, disturbed people. Lol, without her my life will always be sad. I love you babe :)

Wan Afinaz, she's the most adorable friend. She's a good listener too. She's smart, she's always there with me, dia ramai peminat. Dia cute sangat :D I love you fy, thanks for everthing :)

Next, Afiqah Mahfeera. She's the most tall and thin friend. Lol, she's beautiful. I like to be friend with her. She's talkative,she's a leader for us gossiping. Without her, the gossip is boring. Dia ni playgirl :O lol. I love you :p

Putri Nur Syahirah, she's so pretty. She's cute. She's adorable. I love her. She's my bestfriend :) I love you babe.

Izzat Danial, he's the most sado man. Lol, I'm friends with him since primary school. He's always there for me. Even though, aku selalu text dia pagi pagi buta. Dia still balas, kalau dia ada kredit. Hehe, he's a good listener. I love you dude. :)

Muhammad NurSyahiran, he's cute, he's handsome. He's the best male friend i ever had. He's funny, lawak lawak bodoh dia. Huhuhu, dia baik dengan aku. Rajin topupkan aku, but kena bayar balik -,- Btw, i love you man.

Last but not least, Syafiq Akmal. He's crazy, funny, he's the most talkative guys, cover macho. Awww, I love his eyebrows. Menarik je. Btw, I love you :)

I'm sorry if there wrong words. Thousands of apologies from me if there any rudeness, annoys, irritating, sucks, that I've done to you guys, I'm so sorry. I've tried to be the best to you guys. You guys are so amazing, so crazay friends I ever had. I love you guys so much. Best friends forever okay ? I miss you guys so much, can't wait to see you guys. Just take care of yourself okay. Don't forget about what we had been through in 2010. Don't forget about our sweetness memories. And, don't forget about me. Good luck in SPM 2011. May Allah bless your lovely life, may you guys success in your life. And thanks for everything. It means a lot to me. I appreciate it very much. I love you guys. Byebye :*

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